Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We had our New Year Party on Thursday January 5th. It was a great celebration, with delicious food – sandwiches, home-made Christmas Cake and pudding, mince pies and trifle, wine or orange and Tommy’s tea. The music added to the occasion and was provided by Paddy Kelly. Christmas carols were sung which helped to create a spiritual atmosphere; David Spain and Teresa (T) both sang beautifully. Special thanks go to Cait Clynch and Eileen Murphy for supplying the goodies, and to all who contributed their skills and talents. Everyone left the party in good spirits. It was a joy to be there.

Teresa O’Hehir


One of the most popular films ever, a real classic, “Casablanca” deservedly won 3 Oscars – for Best Film, Best Director (Michael Curtiz), and Best Screenplay (Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch). It tells of some people trying to evade wartime oppression. There’s suspense, romance and entertainment, with interesting situations and characters, delightfully played by Claude Rains, Sydney Green- street, S.Z.(“Cuddles”) Sakall and Peter Lorre, who provide excellent support for stars Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid. Max Steiner’s music was most effective, with Hubert Hupfeld’s song “As Time Goes By” particularly memorable. The evening concluded with Eileen Murphy’s fine supper. Thanks again to Paddy Kelly at the technical controls.

“Roving Reporter”

Some thought-provoking observations on the Club’s main purpose, making friends.

FRIENDSHIP (William Arthur Ward)

A true friend knows your weakness,
But shows you your strengths;
Feels your fears, but fortifies your faith;
Sees your anxieties, but frees your spirit;
Recognises your disabilities, but
Emphasises your possibilities.

WISHES For WILLIAM (Winifred M. Letts)

These things I wish you for our friendship’s sake

A sunburnt thatch, a door to face the sun
At westering, the noise of homing rooks,
A kind, old, lazy chair, a courtly cat
To rub against your knees,

Shelves of well-chosen books –
I wish you these.
I wish you friends whose wisdom makes them kind,
Well-leisured friends to share your evening’s peace,

Friends who can season knowledge with a laugh.
A hedge of lavender, a patch of thyme,
With sage and marjoram and rosemary,
A damask rosebush and a hive of bees,
And cabbages that hold the morning dew,
A blackbird in the orchard boughs –

all these and – God bless you.

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