Sunday, September 3, 2017


The Club’s Annual Weekend Break – this time inSkerries, Co Dublin - proved very enjoyable; time now to prepare for the year ahead, with the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING in October DV, and to think about suitable members to nominate to the Executive Committee to run the Club for the next year. We celebrate the founding of the Club with our ANNUAL BIRTHDAY DINNER-DANCE in the MAPLES HOTEL, Glasnevin, on SUNDAY OCTOBER l5th, DV. The venue is not available for us on Saturdays, so we move to Sunday instead. We look forward to the lovely 4-course meal we enjoyed in previous years, and to dancing to Pat O’Neill’s fine band again, DV.



2nd CARDS and GAMES at 8.30pm: 

25, poker, board games – Chinese Checkers, Countdown, Trivial Pursuit, Ludo, 
Scrabble (De Luxe Edition), or a jigsaw – plenty to choose from, with fun assured, 
and a nice supper too. Admission E5.

9th FILM “I CONFESS” starting at 8.30pm 

SHARP: a thought-provoking film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring 
Montgomery Clift and Anne Baxter, and a delicious supper, all for E5.

l6th GAMES and CARDS starting at 8.30pm. 

Take your pick from our array of games, have a great night. 
A tasty supper will follow. Adm. E5.

23rd MUSIC NIGHT at 8.30pm: 

Bring a favourite CD for everyone to enjoy, and savour others’
choices too. Plus a lovely supper. Adm. E5.

30th “COME-ALL- YE” at 8.30pm; 

Bean-a- Ti Cait Clynch will invite you to sing, play a tune, 
recite or read a poem or tell a story; she’ll provide a superb supper too. Admission E5.

7th OCTOBER CARDS and GAMES at 8.30pm.




 7 th and 21st TABLE QUIZZES at 8.30pm. 

E16 for a table for 4; there’s a CASH PRIZE for winners and a PRIZE
for the FUNNIEST WRONG ANSWER. Bring a team, or come on your own
 and join with others there. Easy questions, TEA and REFRESHMENTS
provided, fun for everyone – all for E4.



Niall picked up Jim and me at Whitehall on Friday and drove us to Skerries. We found our accommodation on Thomas Hand Street, and there we met Mary, Rose and Teresa, who had travelled by train. After a rest we headed out for a ramble about the town, where a great variety of houses and the wide Main Street and obelisk a monument to a “kind landlord” and MP, James Hamilton set Skerries apart for us. On a walk beside the beach we met a number of dog-owners exercising their pets of several breeds; one, a Limburger, was the largest dog we’d ever come across. We were also introduced to 2 Shiatsu pups, one of which recently saved it’s owner’s life by alerting her husband when her blood pressure suddenly plummeted.

A light evening meal in an Italian restaurant was followed by a good night’s sleep. We made use of the Piccolo CafĂ© next door for our breakfast. A guided tour of Skerries Mills a watermill and two windmills was most interesting; we were shown how the mechanisms worked, with the rooftop being moved to catch the wind. Later the Harbour and beach were traversed and much enjoyed with lovely sights. That night after Vigil Mass we were out again to “Raff’s on the Corner” where we had a fine meal and took in some of the live band’s music. The service was great.

The weather held up very well until Sunday afternoon when it was time to head for home. We all enjoyed the weekend.

Paddy Kelly


We had another pleasant Book Night in August. Once again some members preferred to relax and listen rather than read, but most of those who came treated us to a wide assortment of subjects.

Rose Noone began the proceedings with thoughtful excerpts from Sr Stanislaus’s book. Patsy Collins gave us insights into the lives of computer geniuses Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. Francis Lawlor’s “Remeniscences of Dublin” entertained us, while Teresa O’Hehir chose an inspiring story of a saintly nun. Lorraine Wall reminded us of Sir Roger Casement’s capture on “Lonely Banna Strand”. By contrast Teresa Talbot read a humorous article by popular Dublin author John D. Sheridan on the difficulties encountered doing DIY tasks.
Eileen Murphy’s delightful supper and Tommy’s lovely tea brought the evening to a close. We look forward to another selection of readings soon, and in the meantime we’ll look at our book shelves for suitable items.

“Roving Reporter”

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Following the Club’s very successful Annual Bus Outing, our next venture, the ANNUAL WEEK-END BREAK is planned for August l8th to 20th; the venue is a seaside resort in North Co. Dublin, Skerries – not far, but not well-known to some of us. 
We look forward to sampling its delights, D.V.



5th CARDS and GAMES at 8.30pm: 

poker, 25, severalboard games – Countdown, Trivial Pursuit, Ludo,Chinese Checkers, Scrabble (De Luxe Edition), a jigsaw – take your pick for a fun night. A fine supper will follow, all for Admission E5.

l2th BOOK NIGHT at 8.30pm: 

Bring a favourite book to read an excerpt from, and enjoy everyone else’s choice too - a very popular event inour calendar and have a tasty supper. Adm. E5.

l9th GAMES and CARDS starting at 8.30pm, 

another night to play your choice of games. There will be a lovely supper also. Admission E5.

26th “COME-ALL- YE” at 8.30pm; 

your hostess Cait Clynch gives you an opportunity to sing, play a tune, recite or read a poem or tell a story;she’ll serve a superb supper too. Adm. E5.

2nd SEPTEMBER CARDS and GAMES at 8.30pm.




10th and 24th TABLE QUIZZES at 8.30pm. 

E16 for a table for 4; there’s a CASH PRIZE for winners and a PRIZE for the FUNNIEST WRONG ANSWER. Bring a team, or come on your own and join with others there. Easy questions, TEA and REFRESHMENTS provided, fun for everyone – all for E4.


AUGUST l8th to SUNDAY 20th




On a warm sunny day we boarded our bus for our destination – Emo Court, Laois. Our first stop was Gandon Inn, where we sat down to a 4-course meal. The a la carte menu had a good selection of courses to choose from, so everyone enjoyed the dinner of their choice.
After our delicious meal it was time to explore Emo Court, standing majestic on a rise, a monument To its famous architect James Gandon. We went on a guided tour of the stately home of the Earls of Portarlington, and as we strolled through its magnificent interiors with its antique furniture and family portraits, we absorbed the history of times past, including impressive items from Glamis Castle through relationship with the Bowes Lyons, the Queen Mother’s family.

We also attended a photographic exhibition by the famous Father Browne, who was a Jesuit (they occupied the building for a while). Some photos showed workers on the estate, others were taken on the Titanic – Fr Browne was a passenger on the ship when she sailed from Southampton, and if it hadn’t been for an order from his Superior to “Get off that ship” he would have sailed to New York and probably perished. We explored the Gardens and walks leading down to the lake with its ducks and swans, or you could relax in the tea-rooms and picnic area.

Leaving Emo Court our next stop was historic Dunamase Rock, where our more energetic and fit members climbed to the top, which afforded a fine view of the surrounding countryside.

After a stop-off for tea or coffee we headed for home, with a singalong on the bus of our talented members. Many thanks to Teresa and Committee who organised such an enjoyable day’s outing.

Patsy Collins



An Army Entertainments Officer tries to increase his audiences by organising a “Brains Trust”, a session with a panel of local “celebrities” answering questions submitted by the audience. The panel members are crucial, as are the questions, and perhaps the selection could have been more judicious – but then we wouldn’t have had the fun that ensued. With the marvellous Alastair Sim as the officer, and a fine supporting cast of well- known character actors – Roland Culver, Elizabeth Allan, Colin Gordon and Janet Brown, director Frank Launder provided a most amusing and entertaining night.

Once again we thank projectionist Paddy Kelly, and Eileen Murphy who served the delicious supper.

“Film Critic”

Monday, May 1, 2017

MAY 20l7

“And after April, when May follows,
And the whitethroat builds, and all the swallows,
Hark, where my blossom’d pear-tree in the hedge
Leans to the field and scatters on the clover
Blossoms and dewdrops – at the bent spray’s edge.
That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice
Lest you should think he never could recapture
The first fine careless rapture.
And though the fields look rough with hoary dew,
All will be gay when noontide wakes anew
The buttercups, the little children’s dower –
Far brighter than this gaudy melon flower.”
“Home Thoughts from Abroad”, 

Robert Browning

May events in LIFE HOUSE, 6 GARDINER PLACE (near Barry’s Hotel) include the ANNUAL BRING and BUY SALE on SAT MAY 20th; BUY WHAT YOU LIKE, BRING WHAT OTHERS MAY LIKE, and help YOUR CLUB. We’ll welcome all members who can join us there; why not invite your friends to come and enjoy it too?