Saturday, April 1, 2017



At the beginning of Lent, Fr Declan Blake celebrated Holy Mass in the Club, for all our intentions and deceased members; he distributed Holy Communion and Blessed Ashes, and gave a short homily. We had a good attendance. Paddy Kelly did the Readings. Teresa Talbot supplied the music and led the hymns for the occasion, we all sang. Teresa thanked Fr on our behalf. He joined us for a cup of Tommy’s lovely tea. He will say Mass for the Holy Souls with us again in November, DV.

Mary Phelan


We celebrated our National Feast Day in the Club the night after – with a most enjoyable party. Our DJ Paddy Kelly played a great mixture of records, from lively to romantic. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to join in the dances. Paddy led off appropriate vocals for the feast-day, “Hail, Glorious Saint Patrick”, while Teresa Talbot treated us to “The Dear Little Shamrock”; they also gave us some humorous items, beginning with Cait Clynch – who provided the ‘star turn’ of the party food, a delightful apple tart. Tommy’s tea was very refreshing, and we all loved the wine and orange juice. Teresa O’Hehir organised a raffle for lovely prizes. Another great night in the Club, thanks to all who came and made it so.



“Set a thief to catch a thief”, the proverb tells us, advice acted on by the protagonist in this well-known film, a reformed cat-burglar who later became a hero of the French Resistance and turned away from crime. After several years of honest life, he finds himself suspected of carrying out a series of daring jewel thefts, especially as the robber is imitating his methods – a “copycat”?

His protests of innocence are not believed, and his former associates turn against him. Set in the glamorous French Riviera, the playground of wealthy women bedecked with jewels, he decides to try to forestall further burglaries and trap the perpetrator – not an easy task. He encounters a beautiful socialite (played by Grace Kelly) and her super-rich mother (Jessie Royce Landis), whose attentions, while enjoyable, could be a distraction from his quest to clear his name.

Will he succeed? Cary Grant excels in the leading role in this Alfred Hitchcock film, with lots of action and excitement, and a thrilling finale. The night was completed by the fine supper by Eileen Murphy and Tommy’s tea; once again Paddy Kelly was the projectionist. Many thanks to them, and to all who came and made it such a pleasant night.

“Roving Reporter”

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